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Salesforce Automation (navitusSales) is driven towards improving lead quality, creating sharper customer insights and impactful lead nurturing, enhancing productivity with automation and real-time reporting. It comes with ready Sales Toolkit to train the sales team and improve their skillsets.

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navitusBytes is an effective "Micro-Learning System" that provides short snippets summarizing complex topics. It is an easy-to-use system that enables quick creation and distribution of micro-courses (3-5 minutes) using a very simple interface. Highly effective for “feet on the street”.

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navitusLMS is a world-class, award winning Learning Management System (LMS) that can be used to used to provide comprehensive online learning for your employees. It supports multiple learning modes, gamification, and mobile learning. It comes with a FREE course library that is refreshed every month with new courses.

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navitusChat (Enterprise Chat) is akin to ‘WhatsApp’ but for enterprises. It helps in safe and secure collaboration between employees while keeping all your communication and data private.



Performance Monitoring and Feedback system (navitusPerformance) is aimed at improving employee performance through regular feedback. It is meant to provide critical input at the time of annual performance reviews.


Course Library & Flash Cards

Our content experts have created a comprehensive course library encompassing topics such as Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Leadership, Soft-Skills, Project Management and Regulatory Compliance. We keep refreshing our library with new courses and flash cards every month.

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