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About navitusCorporate

Integrated Corporate Application (ICA)

navitusCorporate is an Integrated Corporate Application (ICA) that integrates diverse functionality ranging from Salesforce Automation, Employee Performance, Enterprise Chat to Online Learning into a single/easy-to-use platform. Our library of online courses and micro-lessons is geared to get your employees engaged right from day one. It is updated with fresh courses and micro-lessons every month.


1. navitusSales (Salesforce Automation)

2. Sales Toolkit (Off-the-Shelf Courses with Gamification)

3. navitusBytes (Micro-Learning System)

4. navitusLMS (Learning Management System)

5. navitusChat (Enterprise Chat)

6. navitusPerformance (Performance Monitoring and Feedback)

7. Comprehensive Course Library & Flash Cards


Integrated Corporate Application (ICA)

Robust, multi-tenant, scalable architecture

Comprehensive admin dashboard

Detailed reporting and data analytics

eLearning content refreshed every month

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